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What does VR stand for?

VR stands for Vitual Reality.

What's the minimum age you require?

7 years.

Do I need to be a gamer?

Glad you asked. Definetely not. VR is for gamers and non-gamers. You can tour the world without expensive flight tickets, you can exercise, or attend a concert - all in an immersive experience.

Can I stand or seat?

You can choose either play size. You can move around or sit down. In fact, both are similar in the game environment.

Can I get motion sickness?

Sometimes you can feel discomfort from motion sickness, headaches, nausea, sweating, dizziness, excessive salivating or all of the above. This happens when movement during the game doesn't allign with your physical body movement.

Tips on overcoming motion sickness in VR

- Take baby steps like a few minutes at a time

- Have someone tell you, you will be OK

- Wear Sea-Bands wristband

- Eat ginger 1-2 hour before you put on the VR headset

- If legal for you, try Marijuana or hemp oil

What games should I avoid for motion sickness?

Avoid games that allows free movement in the virtual world. For example, car racing or flying games.

Other games that allow you to remain in one place with actual movement or teleportation should be fine.