Spirit Halloween Kamloops - It’s Halloween Month

Spirit Halloween Kamloops - It’s Halloween Month

Spirit Halloween Kamloops is located in the former Habitat for Humanity building on Tranquille Road. It is opposite A&W. The address is: 800 Fortune Drive in Kamloops.

This is THE store where you get your Halloween costumes, décor, and accessories. You can find dressed-up characters for your favourite costumes, decos, movies, TV, gaming or anime characters.

Talking of gaming characters and in the Halloween mode, you might want to pop by the Northills mall into Arabellsoft VR where you can get in the spirit of Halloween in Kamloops in the virtual world. 

Here are our top 3 Halloween themed horror VR (Virtual Reality):

The Haunted Graveyard - Visit the Haunted Graveyard -- if you dare!

This spooky fun walk through a magical haunted graveyard is suitable for all ages. Meet the ghosts, explore their world, and learn their secrets. But you'd better keep moving -- if you're still in the Haunted Graveyard at midnight, you'll be trapped here forever!

It is a great introduction to VR and a fun experience for a broad audience. Highlights include:

  1. A rich and beautifully haunting landscape that transports you to another world
  2. An original lush orchestral soundtrack composed by Winifred Phillips (Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, God of War) and produced by Winnie Waldron
  3. Extensive motion-capture performances by professional actors

Escape Bloody Mary

If you summon an evil spirit, you have to be prepared to face the consequences. Locked in your bathroom you must use your surroundings to stop Bloody Mary from coming through your mirror and claiming your soul in this thrilling VR escape. Bloody Mary… Bloody Mary… Bloody Mary…

Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin Gallery

"Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin' Gallery" is a thrilling new interactive VR horror experience designed for the HTC Vive. In this approximately 25 minute scenario, you are exploring an abandoned tourist attraction. The "Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin' Gallery", built at the site of the old Black Rock Mines, which many claim is actually haunted! Equipped with a flashlight and six shooter, you must keep your wits and have a steady aim if you hope to make it out alive!

Warning! This is a high speed horrifying thrill ride that could cause motion sickness for certain users. User discretion is advised.

Visit Arabellsoft VR to experience horror during the Halloween month.

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